• Selkirk PS/IPS Insulated Positive Pressure Piping Systems

    Selkirk Model PS and IPS are double-wall, modular, prefabricated piping systems which embody flanged joints designed for both quick assembly and pressure-sealing capabilities.  The circular cross sections and high quality stainless steel inner wall construction provide for a system with high strength-to-weight ratio and low friction loss. The IPS models incorporates 1" to 4" of ceramic insulation.

    The PS/IPS vent systems are most often used for Generator exhaust, pizza ovens, coffee roasters and/or any appliance with high flue gas temperatures.

    CB Sales Canada is pleased to provide Selkirk's full line of the PS/IPS Piping Systems including, insulated piping components, accessories needed, and expansion joints. to learn more about the PS/IPS and specific parts available please visit this website or contact us at



  • Heatfab Saf-T Vent CI Plus

    Saf-T Vent CI Plus is an AL29-4C superferritic stainless steel system with a one-inch air space and a type 430 stainless steel outer jacket. It is ideal for close clearance installation within building chases. 

    The Saf-T Vent CI Plus product is suitable for category I,II,III,IV appliances up to 550 F. Most often this product is used to vent the exhaust from Boilers, Hot Water Heaters, Humidifiers and any high efficiency appliance that requires venting. 

    CB Sales offers the full line of Saf-T Vent CI Plus including piping components, accessories and anything else your project may require!

  • Selkirk ZeroClear

    Selkirk's ZeroClear is available in both Stainless and Aluminized Steel exteriors and can be customized to your unique application requirements. The ZeroClear is available with both 3" and 4" of fiber insulation.  

    Selkirk's ZeroClear is the most innovative factory-built Kitchen Grease-Duct in the industry today. It's zero clearance rating sets the standard for design and yields a much smaller footprint than any field fabricated steel grease duct. 

    Architects and contractors no longer need to design and install fire-rated chases for welded grease duct designs. The ZeroClear product is also often used as an integral chase system and can reduce additional costs, time and space requirements associated with on-site chase construction. 

    To learn more about the possibilities and how it can best fit your project, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at