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Sheldons Exhaust/Ventilation Equipment

Established in 1896, Sheldons Engineering has become widely recognized as a leader in the design and manufacturer of a wide variety of highly sophisticated and technical air moving equipment, from light duty commercial air conditioning to heavy-duty power plant fans.

From the 1960's, Sheldons became respected as a regular supplier of fans for mining, ore processing, cement industries, iron and steel industry, chemical, pulp and paper industries as well as general industrial applications. Today they are in a position to design and manufacture virtually any fan from standard ventialtion to custom industrial/mining/process applications.

Sheldons Engineering Equipment

Centrifugal Fans, details

Axial Fans, details

Upblast Roof Fans, details

Centrifugal Inline, details

MF Mixed Flow Fan, details

Centrifugal Square Housed Fans, details

Pressure Blowers, details

Industrial Centrifugal Fans, details

Radial Blade Material Handling Fan, details

Hooded Power Roof Ventilator, details

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